How Your Local Venturer Can Become the Next National Venturing President

Each year 5 young men and women are selected to serve as National Venturing president or regional Venturing president. The National Venturing president serves on the National Executive Board while the regional Venturing presidents serve on their respective regional executive boards. Additionally, these young people help develop national and regional Venturing programs, travel as BSA representatives, and promote Venturing across the country.

How can your Venturer become the national Venturing president or regional Venturing president? First, find and develop a sharp Venturer. Next, get a regional Venturing president nomination form from your scout executive (nomination forms arrive in councils in December), or get a nomination form from the BSA website at Then assist your Venturer in completing the nomination form and have your district committee nominate your Venturer to your council executive board who will then select your council’s nominee. Your council’s nomination will then go to your region. Your region will then select its regional Venturing president. The National Venturing President will then be selected from regional Venturing presidents and the National Boatswain. Terms run from June 1 through May 31.

The new regional presidents and national president along with the new national Sea Scout Boatswain come together for a three-day orientation where they learn everything from etiquette to how to represent the BSA.

There are some qualifications for the nomination so see the nomination form for details.