Life Saving Award of Merit

Recommendation for Lifesaving or Meritorious Action Award

Upon consideration of the evidence submitted from all sources, as set forth in this application, we respectfully recommend that the National Court of Honor grant the award checked below.

Note: If the action being considered is deserving of merit but does not qualify for a national award, do not submit this form. The Local Council Certificate of Merit, No. 606760, is suitable for this purpose.


1.This application must be used.

2.Provide the full name of applicant to be honored, exactly as it should appear on the certificate if the award isgranted.


Provide as much information as necessary using the space provided on this form. No additional documentsshould be attached.

4.All recognitions are reserved for members who were registered at the time of the action.

5.Lifesaving actions or meritorious actions performed as part of the duty of a trained lifesaver—i.e., doctor, nurse,lifeguard, first responder—will not be considered.

6.Boy Scouts of America employees are not eligible.

7.No case should be forwarded to the council without a signed statement from the applicant and aneyewitness.

8.No application may be considered after a lapse of 12 months of the incident.

9.Separate applications are required if more than one member is being recognized for recognition.

10.The council committee must investigate the case, interview the principals and witnesses, secure necessarysigned statements, and make a recommendation based upon full knowledge of the facts. It is recommended thatthis committee meet within 30 days of the receipt of the recommendation.

11.The council committee bears the responsibility to write a summary of the event and complete the application indetail that pertains to the case.

12.Upon approval of the council committee and Scout executive, the council will submit this applicationelectronically to