Membership Summit Report


Dear Volunteer,

I would like to thank those that attended the Membership Summit for their valuable input. I know there were many of you that could not attend that were very interested in the discussion that took place.

The notes have been complied and are contained below. Please review them and send any other ideas that you would like to add to Peggy at

As we move forward we want to be able to incorporate as many of the ideas as possible into the Katahdin Area Council’s 2013 Membership Plan. I would like to invite you to be part of putting these ideas into an action plan. We will be meeting as part of the District Operations Workshop. The workshop is scheduled for Saturday, April 13th and will be held at G. Clifton Eames Learning Center at 203 Maine Avenue in Bangor, 9:00AM to 1:30PM, chose the membership breakout session.

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We will be developing the 2013 Katahdin Area Council Membership Plan which will include the fall recruitment plan. I encourage you to attend and provide the valuable input to make our membership campaign a success.

For those of you that were unable to attend the Membership Summit, you can view the power point presentation and the 2012 Membership Plan on the Katahdin Area Council web page at:

Thank you for your ongoing support of Scouting,


Todd Saucier

KAC, Vice President of Membership

School Nights

* Plan School Nights earlier

* Boy talks with props

* Offer alternate times to do Boy Talks to Principals

* Recess

* Lunch

* After School

* Know the needs of the units before you arrive


* Needs to be more open and free flowing between

* Membership

* Training

* Commissioners

* Over communication is better than NO communication

* Let volunteers know more information

* If a Boy Talk was able to be done? Yes or No

* When were flyers delivered to school

* If Principal shuts the door to Boy Talks or School Night let the volunteers know

§ They may be able to talk to them and open the doors that are shut to the professionals

* Who to call to get help or information

* Better ways to share ideas and creating ties blogs, facebook

* Themed Promotions

* Utilize the internet and website better

* Use something like the Voice Of the Scout on a council and district level

Webelo to Scout Transition

* Den Chief for all the packs and dens

* Troops visiting the packs

* Troops creating a relationship and connection with the packs

* Webelo Scouts involved with the troops

* Better communication between troops and packs

* Packs understanding that they alternatives when visiting or joining troops

* Older Scouts mentoring and giving personal attention to the cub leaders and Webelo Scouts

* Themed Crossover Programs such as “Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout”

* Send out an invitation to Webelo Scouts to continue in Scouting

* Computer disk that highlights troop activities—exciting and fast pace


* Bring training more local than just at camp or Bangor

* Trained leaders bring new ideas and information to their units

* Explain the Journey to Excellent more often to leaders

* Who to call to get help or information

* Sharing best practices with other units

* Getting more leaders to take training earlier

Processes and Procedures

* Need to improve the methods for dispensing information

* School Night Steps need to be coordinated and timely

* Flyers need to be to the school 7-10 days before the School Night

* Better Job of getting resources to the unit leaders

* Utilizing more avenues than just round table

* Boot Camp did not work

* Need a contingency plan for getting information to unit leaders

* Talk about the Membership Plan an year long don’t wait until August

* Use volunteers wisely

* Involve volunteers on the ground level of planning

* Educate more volunteers about the Membership Plan

* Get more units and volunteers involved

* Let volunteers come up with ideas for recruitment

* Make sure leaders know who to call to get information and help

* Create a plan that is flexible—no cookie cutter methods or one size fits all

* Have best practices, tools and models that presenters can use

* Have a best practices section in the newsletter with ideas

* Better collection and use of data—use online collection of data


* Monthly Leader Survey

* Journey to Excellence pulse check

* Unit roster check more frequently—monthly pulse check

* Monthly pulse check to see how the unit is doing

* Let leaders know how they are doing and how they can improve

* Let unit leaders know that there is someone here to help them if they have problems

* Sharing ideas between leaders

* Letting parents and leaders know that they have alternative when they are joining a troop

* Send out an invitation to Webelo Scouts to continue in Scouting

* Parachute plan for units that are in trouble

* Survey to parents about their scouting experience

Recruitment Methods

* Peer to Peer Recruitment January through April

* Initiation to attend a meeting/activity

* Post Card

* Business Card

* Partner with current school and church programs

* You Tube videos

* Spring Recruitment for units with active summer programs


Calling all Volunteers! We are looking for a few exceptional:

•Membership Chairs

•School Night Coordinators

•Pack SN Leaders

•SN Presenters

•New Unit Teams

•Webelos To Scout Teams

•Membership Committees



"The Maine Thing"

  • How active is the Council Membership Committee?
  • Does the council have an annual membership growth plan? If so, what is it?
  • Has the council established annual goals or set benchmarks?
  • Does each district have a District Membership Chair?
  • Does each district have a functioning Membership Committee?