Welcome Team Popcorn

Welcome to the Popcorn Team!

The annual Katahdin Area Council Popcorn Sale supports the greatest youth program in the world and you help make it happen! Inside this book, you will find the tools to successfully complete your task as a Unit Kernel - so keep it handy and let’s go!

Thank You

Thank you for your participation in last year’s Katahdin Area Council Popcorn Sale. Each year the sale achieves three major objectives for our organization.
1.The sale raises over $110,000 profit for our units, equating to an average of $1,200 per participating unit.
2.The money made by your unit is matched back to the council minus the cost of the product by Camp Masters Popcorn Company, which allows us to support your units.
3.The sale gives us the opportunity to instill a strong work ethic in our youth and encourage Scouts to learn the value of earning their own way.
Since over two-thirds of the sale comes back to Scouting in the Katahdin Area Council, our annual popcorn sale is a huge resource for our local Scouting program.


By Participating In The Popcorn Sale You Guarantee

•Your unit a good revenue stream
•Lower prices for programs (such as subsidizing summer camp)
•Camperships can continue to be available for Scouts
•Services and training are available for your leaders


We know quality Scouting programs and activities don’t just happen, it takes money and a great deal of planning by
volunteers and staff. A well funded program is a strong program. Popcorn makes it possible!

Popcorn is a WIN-WIN-WIN ! The sale supports all levels of our Scouting program!