Show and Sell Tips

For A Successful Show And Sell

1.Identify a location that has high foot traffic and is safe for the Scouts that participate
2.Sign your Unit up to accept Credit Card payments for Show and Sell sales (see page 14 for additional information)
3.Contact store or event organizer to gain permission to sell popcorn and talk about setup times and dates.
4.Set up a schedule for boys with specific times of participation, i.e., 2-4 boys per 2-hour shift. Put more extroverted Scouts with introverted Scouts to help build confidence.
5.When you arrive on site:

□ Arrive early and check in with store manager.
□ Clean site.
□ Set up location. Be sure to organize product in a neat and orderly fashion. Do not set up any chairs or tables. (They create unnecessary barriers between the Scouts and customers).
□ Let the youth do the selling. Its easy for adults to say no to adults but, tough for adults to say no to Scouts in uniform.
□ Display pictures of Scouting events you have participated in or are planning to attend. Be specific about your fund raising objectives.
□ Display banners advertising your sale and what will be done with the money earned.
□ Be sure to pickup and be done on time. Clean up after yourselves and take all garbage with you.

6.Have the Scouts practice what they are going to say to the customers. Make sure Scouts always mention Scouting in their sales pitch: “Would you like to support Scouting by purchasing popcorn today? Would you like to help us go to camp by purchasing popcorn today?”
7.Be sure to have these items on hand: posters, activity displays, tape, product for samples, sample cups, petty cash and pens (sample cups can be found at Sam’s Club type stores).
8.Make sure Scouts are in their uniforms and appear neat and clean.
9.Use any left over product from the Show and Sell to fulfill some of your Take Order needs. Just reduce the amount that you order for the Take Order Sale by the amount left over.
10.Always emphasize safety. Review the safety information provided in the sales material and online at Adult supervision is required for all aspects of the sale.