Sales Techniques for Scouts

Sales Techniques for Scouts

Don’t miss the opportunity to use the popcorn sale to train your Scouts in public speaking, sales and service. Your
Scouts and parents will appreciate the effort and your sales will improve.
Have Scouts role play and practice during your Kick-Off. Find a way to make training fun and reward Scouts who do a
good job.

Have your Scouts practice these simple steps:
• Wear your uniform
• Smile and tell them who you are – first name only!
• Tell them where you are from (unit within Scouting)
• Tell them what you are doing (money earned toward Scout activities, camp, high adventure trip, etc.)
• Tell them what they can do for you (buy popcorn)
• Close the sale, and thank them

For a script to hand out to your Scouts, visit and click on the Popcorn link.
How to Sell Popcorn
Your job as Popcorn Kernel is to reach your unit’s sales goal. To get there, your team needs to employ all 5 sales methods.
Create a plan and train your Scouts in all 5 methods. This will give you the best results.

Take Order: Door to Door in a Scout’s community is still the BEST way to sell popcorn. It is the most effective
method for generating sales.
Sell at Work: A great way for Mom and Dad to help their Scout. Have Mom and Dad take the order form or a case of
popcorn to work.
Sell Online: or can help you reach friends and relatives that live
a little further away. Be sure to tell your families about this method. It is the easiest method to employ
since you don’t have to handle the product!
Show and Sell: Set up a sales booth and sell product on the spot. This can be an effective approach in the right location
at the right time, but don’t hang your hat on this approach alone. Take Order is much more effective.

Focus on multiple locations at the same time. Be sure not to over schedule Scouts.
Show and Deliver: A combination of the Take Order and Show and Sell methods. Take product with you in a wagon
during your Take Order trip around the neighborhood. If the customer selects a product you
have, deliver it on the spot. You cut your time in half, because you only make one trip. Safety and Courtesy

Be sure to review these safety and courtesy tips with your Scouts and parents.
• Sell with another Scout or with an adult
• Never enter anyone’s home
• Never sell after dark, unless with an adult
• Don’t carry large amounts of cash
• Always walk on the sidewalk and driveway
• Be careful of dogs while selling
• Say thank you whether or not the prospect buys popcorn.