Popcorn Kernal Responsibilities

Popcorn Kernel Responsibilities

•Work with the unit committee to develop a unit sales goal then divide that goal into a “per boy” goal.
•Attend popcorn sales training to prepare for a successful sale.
•Register online at
www.campmasters.org as your unit’s contact.
•Develop a unit incentive plan for your Scouts in addition to the Council prize program
•Arrange Show and Sell locations (i.e., Dunkin Donuts, IGA, any high traffic area). Decide how much product your unit needs and place the order by August 15th.
•Establish unit deadlines for Take Orders, money and prize forms. Order are due to the Council by October 24th.
•Prepare a unit kickoff meeting with a BANG, providing parents, leaders and Scouts:
•Time line showing sale dates and date orders are due
•Unit goal and per boy sales goal
•Order form and prize flyer
•Sale techniques, money collection, safety suggestions and unit recognitions
•Make it FUN!
•Arrange for pick-up of popcorn at the designated site on pickup day. Make sure to bring vehicles large enough to accommodate your order.
•Distribute your popcorn to your Scouts for distribution to their customers.
•Inspect, coach, and praise your Scouts.
•Collect all money and turn in the amount due Council by December 5th.
•Become an expert in all things popcorn so you can be a resource to your Scouts, parents and leaders.
•Make popcorn sales FUN for your Scouts!