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$600 Club

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Leader's Guide   

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Unit Budget Worksheet  


District Position First Last Best Phone Email
Washington Popcorn Chair Donna Haire 598-5953 donnah@myfairpoint.net
Washington District Director Chuck Major 949-4960 cmajor@bsamail.org
Waldo Popcorn Chair Julie  Aspinall 568-3088 jwaspinall@gmail.com
Waldo District Director Chuck Major 949-4960 cmajor@bsamail.org
Hancock Popcorn Chair Mike Springer 479-7948 pack86tigers@hotmail.com
Hancock Distict Director Chuck Major 949-4960 cmajor@bsamail.org
Penobscot Valley Popcorn Chair Tim Chandler 356-4473 tim.chandler@roadrunner.com
Penobscot Valley Asst. Scout Executive Peggy Murphy 866-2241 peggy.murphy@scouting.org
Penquis Popcorn Chair Lisa Krahn 269-2303 lukesmom@tds.net
Penquis Popcorn Chair Jerry   Thompson 285-3502  cj6769@myfairpoint.net
Penquis District Executive Matt Ghirarda 404-1104 mghirard@bsamail.org
North Star Popcorn Chair Julie  Graham-Berry 435-7137 jmgb1990@yahoo.com
North Star District Executive Jon Seiler 227-5561 joseiler@bsamail.org
Council Popcorn Support Vickie Mower 866-2241 vmower@bsamail.org

Popcorn Key Dates

September 10 1st bi-Weekly Walmart Gift Card Drawing

September 24 2nd bi-Weekly Walmart Gift Card Drawing

October 8 3rd bi-Weekly Walmart Gft Card Drawing

October 22 4th bi-Weekly Walmart Gift Card Drawing

October 26 Take Orders & Prize Orders are due by 4:00pm.

***All orders must be made online using the Trail's End System*** 

 November 9-10 Take Order Distribution


Popcorn Pick Up Locations:

• Aroostook (North) - Chamberlin Trucking - St. Agetha

• Aroostook (South) - SW Collins - Presque Ise

• Hancock - Fairpoint Communications - Ellsworth

• PV & Waldo - Pottles Transportation Warehouse - Bangor

• Penquis - Pottles Transportation or Osborne Family Farms - Charleston

• Washington - Jacksonville UMC- JacksonvilleNovember 30 Final Settlement to receive full commission

***December 3 Commission drops to 25% at 5:00 pm if unit is not settled ***

 Sell Online!

Click here for product catalog

Reach your goal faster by selling popcorn online!   

Step 1: Go to scouts.trails-end.com to sign in or create an account.

Step 2: Go to the Send Emails Page to send emails to your customers. Don't forget to follow up!

Step 3: Go to Track My Online Sales to see who has made a purchase


Join the $600 Club!


Every Scout who sells $600 of popcorn earns the following:

1. A $20 Walmart Gift Card

2. A $600 Club Patch

3. A chance to win a another $25 Walmart Gift Card and

4. A CHANCE to win a $500 Walmart Gift Card!

We are giving away SIX Walmart gift cards every two weeks! The grand prize drawing for a $500 gift card will be held on November 12, 2012. The sooner your Scouts join the "$600 Club", the more chances they have to win.

How does it work? Once a Scout sells $600 of popcorn, he is eligible to register. He can register by logging on to the Katahdin Area Council's website at www.katahdinareabsa.org and clicking on the $600 Club link on the popcorn page.

Registration opens as soon as a Scout sells $600. The Walmart Gift Card drawings start Monday, September 10th. Once registered, the Scout will be in all subsequent drawings.