The Commissioner Newsletter

The Commissioner is a newsletter for council commissioners, council Scout executives, and in some councils, an additional professional assigned as staff advisor to the councils' commissioner staff.

Fall/Winter 2009
"Highlights and Success Stories of Commissioner Service"

Spring/Summer 2009
"Introduction of New National Commissioner Service Support Organization"

Fall/Winter 2008
"Introduction to the New National Commissioner"
Spring 2008
"Unit Visit Tracking System Improvements and Enhancements"
Winter 2008
"Year of the Volunteer"
Fall 2007
"Commissioner Service"
Spring 2007
"Youth Recruitment"
Winter 2007
"New Electronic Resources"
Fall 2006
"New National Strategic Plan"
Summer 2006
"Preparing For the Unit Health Reviews"
Spring 2006
"Unit Action Planning and Self-Assessment"
Winter 2006
"New Membership Validation Process"
Fall 2005
"Fall Commissioner Priorities"
Summer 2005
Unit Visits - A 4 - Point Plan For Commissioner Accountability
Spring 2005
"Commissioner Priorities"
Winter 2005
"ADC Breakout Sessions - Under the Microscope"
Fall 2004
"A Personal Message From Don Belcher"
Summer 2004
"Cub Scouting - Summer/Fall Touch Points For Commissioners"
The Best of The Commissioner 1996-2004
Selected past articles with continued value for the future.
Spring 2004
"District Commissioners - Your Most Important Team Members"
Winter 2004
"Good Turn for America - and the Commissioner"
Fall 2003
"A Meeting with a Mission"
Summer 2003
"A Commissioner Quiz"
Spring 2003
"Cub Scouting and the Commissioner"
Winter 2003
"Unit Service and the Council Service Center"
Fall 2002
"Commissioner Recruiting Ideas"
Summer 2002
"Is Commissioner Service Perceived as Important in your Council?"
Spring 2002
"Service—A Hallmark For Commissioners"
Winter 2002
"Six Hats Worn by Commissioners"
Fall 2001
"A Personal Letter To My Fellow Commissioners"
From Rick Cronk
Summer 2001
"Good Volunteer-Professional Relationships—A Guide for Commissioners"
Spring 2001
"The Annual Conference"
Winter 2001
"Youth Retention—What Commissioners Can Do!"
The Best of The Commissioner 1996-2002
Selected past articles with continued value for the future.