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First 10th Anniversary Venturing Commemorative Rifle Presented to Dr. Richards Miller by Bill Evans

Dr. Richards Miller of Waynesboro, Virginia, is presented the first 10th Venturing Anniversary Henry Rifle by Bill Evans, National Associate Director, Venturing. This special edition rifle has a serial number of 01VEN10 for rifle number one, Venturing 10th anniversary. It is a Henry Big Boy, 44 mag. engraved with the designation, Founder. Dr. Miller is truly one of Venturing’s founders according to Evans. Evans had been Scout Executive in Dr. Miller’s council and was able to keep up the great relationship by recruiting Dr. Miller to serve as chairman of the national Outdoor Exploring committee. While serving as chairman, Dr. Miller along with Bill Evans, Larry and Donna Cunningham, Bob Soldivera, and Gary Van Roekel saw the need for a more scout-like teen program. While developing the Bronze, Gold, Silver, and Ranger advancement award programs in 1997, the BSA national executive board gave the green light to create what is now Venturing.

Dr. Miller is also the recipient of the Silver Beaver, the Silver Antelope, Silver Buffalo, National Venturing Leadership Award, and Distinguished Eagle. Dr. Miller continues to serve as the Chairman of the Venturing Outdoor Committee.

Venturing Volunteer is Leave No Trace Volunteer of the Year

Howard Kern, longtime member of the Venturing Fishing Committee was recognized at the fall executive board meeting of the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics as the 2007 Volunteer of the Year. According to Bill Evans, Associate Director, Venturing who is a Leave No Trace board member and was present for the announcement, "Howard is a pioneer and leader in BSA Leave No Trace training. Howard has had a major impact as a Leave No Trace Master Educator and charter member of the BSA Leave No Trace taskforce." In addition to his Leave No Trace contributions, Howard has contributed to development of the Venturing Certified Fly Fishing Instructor program soon to be released and the Boy Scout Fly Fishing merit badge. Howard works as Vice President of Investments and Assistant Branch Manager for UBS Financial Services, Inc. in Los Angeles, California. Howard, an avid fly fisherman, also devotes time as the Project Coordinator for the California Golden Trout Project in a collaborative effort with the California Department of Fish and Game, US Forest Service, and other conservation groups. Congratulations Howard for all of us in Venturing!

Character Scholarship Program

Lindeenwood University announces that it will award over $1 million per year for youth leaders who have been members of youth-serving agencies, including the Boy Scouts of America.

Click here for additional information , including an application form.

10th Anniversary Venturing Commemorative Rifles

In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Venturing, Henry Repeating Arms Company has been issued a licence by the Boy Scouts of America to produce three special edition rifles. The three Special Edition Commemorative Venturing Rifles include a .22 caliber "Golden Boy" rifle, a Henry Lever Action .22 rifle, and a .44 caliber "Big Boy" rifle.

For more information, see the press release on the Henry Rifles Web site: http://www.henry-guns.com/press_venturing.cfm .

Thomas Joyce visits Bass Anglers Association

The Southern Region Venturing President, Thomas Joyce recently visited the College of Bass Anglers Association's Tournament, held on Lake Lewisville, Texas. The Tournament was sponsored and filmed by Fox College Sports. Thomas is currently a student at the University of North Texas. Pictured with Joyce is Troy Heckaman, Founder of the College Bass Anglers Association. Also pictured is a fully equipped Ranger Bass boat which was used by one of the five finalist teams in their fishoff - Saturday, September 29, 2007.

BSA Shooting Sports Grant Program

NSSF Senior Vice President Chris Dolnack, left, presents a donation check to Roy Williams, Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation is sponsoring a special grant program for BSA local councils. Grants are available for a variety of purposes, but innovative programs that will attract new members and entice current members to continue on the Scouting trail are most desirable.

Councils are encouraged to be creative when applying for grants. They can apply for grants to support weekly shooting leagues, the purchase of portable airgun ranges, supplies to start and support Venturing crews that shoot and compete, get one or more staff or volunteers trained in mulitiple shooting sports disciplines as well as a USA Shooting (Olympic) coach, build their own shooting recognition plan (patches and trophies), and much more. There is nothing wrong with improving an existing camp range, but that can be doine can do so much more to offer a convenient, year-round shooting program.

2008-2009 PADI Scholarship recipients

Level 1 Scholarships: PADI Open Water Diver Certification

Joseph Smart Pennsylvania 304 Cradle of Liberty
Gretchen Stokes North Carolina 207 Occoneechee
Brian Zawistowski Illinois 348 Blackhawk Area
Cody Evans Maryland 394 National Capital Area
Alex Zimmer Connecticut 110 Connecticut Yankee
Christine Booth Maryland 3301 Baltimore Area
Ashley Alcoe Indiana 208 Cross Roads of America
Elyse Moody Texas 1171 Longhorn
W. Harley Swift New York 876 Hiawatha-Seaway
Dana Ratzburg Maryland 3301 Baltimore Area

Level 2 Scholarships: PADI Open Water to Rescue Diver Certification

Kyle Swanstrom Idaho 100 Ore-Ida
Cameron French Missouri 2905 Greater St. Louis Area
Lacey Wells Texas 1020 Circle Ten
Caroline Hamrick West Virginia 46 Mountaineer

Level 3 Scholarships: PADI Open Water Diver Materials



John Stogner North Carolina 736 Central North Carolina
Tim Cullinan Ohio 2425 Heart of Ohio
Michelangelo Scafidi Illinois 1220 Three Fires
Juan Ossa California 403 San Gabriel Valley
Lowell Fletcher California 1006 Golden Empire

Level 4 Scholarship: PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor Certification

NameLocation CrewCouncil
Rachel Metzger Georgia 252 Atlanta Area

Level 5 Scholarships: PADI Instructor Development Materials

April Wells Texas 1020 Circle Ten
Dario Izquierdo Virginia 1221 National Capital Area
Tyler Cullinan Ohio 2425 Heart of Ohio
John Wells Texas 1020 Circle Ten