Minsi Trails Council Staff


Beisel, Arby South Mountain Sr. District Executive 610/465-8558 russell.beisel@scouting.org
Chase, Charles Registration/Advancement Services 610/465-8569 charlesm.chase@scouting.org
Christ, Richard Assistant Scout Executive 610/465-8566 richardd.christ@scouting.org
Clementi, Josephine Assistant Bookkeeper  610/465-8570 josephine.clementi@scouting.org
Davis, Noreen  Controller  610-465-8567 noreen.davis@scouting.org
Dungan, Brian Forks of Delaware District Director 610/465-8564 brian.dungan@scouting.org
Finkelstein, Lisa Development Officer 610/465-8566 lisa.finkelstein@scouting.org
Fay, Olivia  Exploring Executive  610-465-8580  olivia.fay@scouting.org 
Flaherty, Dennis  Ranger -- Camp Minsi 570-839-7860  denny.flaherty@scouting.org
Friedhoff, Donald Ranger - Trexler Scout Reservation  610-533-4143 donald.friedhoff@scouting.org
Jill Hardy Todero   North Valley Quality Unit Executive  610-465-8557  jill.hardy-todero@scouting.org
Holtzinger, Brandyn  Forks of the Delaware Quality Unit Executive 610-465-8575  brandyn.holtzinger@scouting.org
Keller, Bonnie Camping Administrative Assistant 610-465-8568 bonnie.keller@scouting.org
LaPolla, Michael Pocono Sr. District Executive  610/465-8560 michael.lapolla@scouting.org
Lariar, Diane North Valley District Director 610/465-8563 diane.lariar@scouting.org
Nagy, Priscilla Asst. Reg./Trng. Records/MB Counselor 610/465-8578 priscilla.nagy@scouting.org
Oswald, Paul Director of Camping 610/465-8576 paul.oswald@scouting.org
Patten, Sharon  Receptionist  610-465-8552 sharon.patten@scouting.org
Peterson, Richard Anthracite District Executive 610/465-8573 richard.peterson@scouting.org
Poland, Craig Scout Executive 610/465-8554 craig.poland@scouting.org
Sachs, Don Development Director 610/465-8572 donald.sachs@scouting.org
Scherer, Karen Executive Assistant 610/264-8555 karen.scherer@scouting.org
Smith, Teresa Fundraising Specialist 610/465-8574 teresa.smith@scouting.org
Sumner, John  Director of Field Service  610/465/8581  john.summer@scouting.org 
Torres, Jimmy Urban Scouting Director 610/465-8562 jimmy.torres@scouting.org
Wehr, Lori Marketing Manager 610/465/8565 lori.wehr@scouting.org
Toll Free Number 1-800/360-6551
Council Hours of Operation
                                      Fax Number 610/465-4500
Fax Number - Tour Permits 610/465-8579  
Scout Shop Gail Rauch, Manager 610/266-7770 minsitrailsscoutshop@scouting.org
                                       Fax Number 610/266-7798