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Social Security Numbers and Dates of Birth

DO NOT make up Social Security numbers or dates of birth.  If you don't have the information, don't turn in the application(s) until you know it is correct.


Internet Rechartering is a web-based method for your unit to renew its charter from any location.  ALL units are encouraged to participate in Internet Rechartering.  If you are uncomfortable doing this, someone from your district will be able to help you.

How It Works

Your unit receives its renewal packet about three months before your current charter expires.  Your unit will then select an adult (Renewal Processor) to complete the on-line process.  This person needs to have access to a computer and a quality printer- computer knowledge will also be very helpful.

Your unit's Renewal Processor uses the access code to log onto the Internet Rechartering website.  From there, select to start the process with current ScoutNet data or data from a unit-management software, such as Pack or Troop Master.  Please be aware that some units have had problems using this software- it is recommended units use ScoutNet data.  At any time, the Renewal Processor can suspend the electronic recapturing process and return to the last completed screen.

The system lets you enter new members, renew current members and update information for every registrant.  When completed, the new unit roster is submitted to ScoutNet and a Unit Charter Renewal Report Package is printed.

Note:  For security reasons- you will NOT be able to enter the Social Security number for your new adult leaders- we will enter the information from the two-part adult application you submit.

You must submit all paged, starting with page one.  If your final package says "Draft Version," and does not include a line for the signature of the Institution Head (IH) and the Unit Leader, you have not completed the process.

When the process is completed the package will include the Unit Charter Application.

Note: You must acquire the signatures on the application from the head of the sponsoring organization and the unit leader.  You must submit an application for all youth and adults who were not on the original charter that was downloaded from ScoutNet.

Your final printed charter and fees must be phyiscally returned to the Minsi Trails Council through the recharter day that has been set up by your District.  This year all districts will have a renewal day that will feature personnel from your district to answer your questions about camping, advancement, training, activities, etc. as they work to help you have a better program for your members.

Final approval for your charter will be given at recharter day provided you have met all the guidelines of the Boy Scouts of America.  In addition, the trained leader program for the Minsi Trails Council must be met and Cub Packs must have a registered Den Leader for all age groups enrolled.

Please visit the Internet Rechartering tutorial for an overview of the program.

The Process
  1. When you receive your charter kit envelope or a minimum of sixty days before your unit's expiration date, select a Unit Renewal Processor.
  2. Your unit Renewal Processor should be given the envelope.  This will contain your unit's access code.
  3. No later than 45 days before your expiration date, the Unit Renewal Processor clicks "Recharter Now," and begins the process.  You can not start prior to the 60 days nor go beyond 60 days after your charter renewal due date.
  4. He/she should have total information from your unit records to cross check the records you will be downloading.
  5. To avoid errors we strongly urge that more than one person checks the work before the final paperwork is processed.
  6. When the above process is completed, the Unit Renewal Processor prints the completed charter renewal application.
  7. The unit leader and the Institution Head signs the charter renewal application.  The unit leader and other representatives from the unit attend your district's charter day.  We recommend a blank check be brought to the charter renewal day so a final check can be written for the fees.
  8. At the charter renewal day, units need to bring the appropriate applications and fees.
Minsi Trails Additional Requirements
  1. Packs must have a different Den Leader for each rank.
  2. All unit leaders must met the Minsi Trails Council "Trained Leader Policy."
Helpful Rechartering Information
  1. The Institution Head and the Chartered Organization Representative (COR) must be the same for all units under the same sponsor.  If not, the last unit charter entered for that sponsor at the Minsi Trails Council will be the person on record.  You also must agree between the units who is paying for the COR and note the information.
  2. The spelling of the name of the Chartered Organization and address must be the same for all like charters.
  3. The information as it appears in ScoutNet and from the charter renewal application needs to be adhered except to correct spelling errors, address changes and change of telephone numbers.
  4. All mismatches between Pack/Troop Master and ScoutNet are usually names.
  5. The term "new individual," means you have not turned in the application to the Council yet or you turned it in and it was not able to be processed or could be pending depending on the date you are working on your charter.
  6. Troops need to check for youth that are turning 18 and Crews need to check for youth turning 21 prior to the last day of the current charter year.  They must have an adult application if they are to stay with your unit and those in a Troop can only serve as an assistant Scoutmaster.
  7. When Packs change a Tiger Adult partner to a Den Leader or any other adult position you must fill out a new adult application.
  8. Once you "Submit," you are locked out from making anymore changes.  Please make sure everything is correct before submitting your finalized application.  Any changes after you submit your application have to be hand written on the paper charter and highlighted.
  9. After you have submitted and printed out your charter you can still correct anything that is not correct by:
  10.   A single line through the wrong information. Note: we still need to be able to read the incorrect information.
  11. Write the correct information about it.
  12. Highlight the whole line so that it will stand out.
  13. Type/write all of your changes on a sheet of paper and attach it to the top of the chart.
  14. When your printout is completed, look for "Multiple Report," and in the column "Multiple From," enter where the fee has been paid.
  15. You can not change the dollar figures on the charter application.
  16. The charter must be signed by the Institution Head and must be the same person for all programs under that sponsor.
  17. Your unit needs to make the commitment to attend your District's charter renewal day.  Your charter and all other paperwork must be brought with you and a blank check.

The registration staff of Minsi Trails Council is ready to help you.

Contact: Registrar Charles Chase (610) 465-8569 or E-mail


                Assistant Registrar Priscilla Nagy (610) 465-8578 or E-mail 
                (Only available between January 1, 2010 and March 31, 2010)