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Opportunities abound throughout northern Maine for extended backcountry travel! Canoeing is, by far, the most popular option for Maine High Adventure crews. Paddling is available on lakes, ponds, easy to intermediate streams and rivers, and challenging whitewater. A crew can plan a laid-back relaxing trip, a strenuous demanding trip, or anything in between. Portaging may have to be included, no extra charge! 

Many groups also include day climbs or side trips in their itinerary. Climbing one of Maine's majestic peaks, as well as visiting historic landmarks or unique natural areas, adds welcome variety to the trip plan. Backpacking is another, but limited, option for MHA crews. The Appalachian Trail winds its way over rugged terrain towards the northern terminus atop Mount Katahdin. Nearby Baxter State Park has an extensive network of beautiful trails and outlying campsites. Crews wishing to include backpacking in their trip plan should indicate those desires to MHA when scheduling their high adventure experience.

The wilds of northern Maine offer a variety of fascinating environments - enormous lakes carved by glaciers, whitewater churning down rocky rivers, craggy peaks soaring skyward, endless conifer and hardwood forests, abundant wildlife, and a profusion of colorful wildflowers.  Maine has an intriguing history featuring the Abnaki Indians, known as the "Dawn People", Leif Erickson, Henry David Thoreau, and the mighty lumberjacks and sportsmen whose tales and lore have woven a colorful tapestry.Maine High Adventures offers you and your group an opportunity to learn and grow while having fun on a unique and custom designed trek.

Backcountry Travel:
Learn and practice skills to live and travel comfortably in the woods for extended trips.

Low Impact Techniques:
Your guide will show you how to reduce your impact on the environment.

Observing Wildlife:
Spot moose, eagles, osprey, otter, black bear, and a host of other species in their
natural environment.

Enjoy a dip in sky blue lakes and pools.

Every Maine High Adventure guide is prepared to share knowledge of the flora, fauna, and
geology with the crew.

Backcountry Navigation:
Use map and compass to travel through the wild north Maine woods.

Float feet first down rushing whitewater while wearing protective gear.

White Water instruction:
Learn the techniques necessary to safely and successfully paddle challenging water.

For the patient and determined angler, species such as trout, salmon, perch, bass,
and chub lurk in the waters of northern Maine.

Conservation Projects:
Satisfy part of the Fifty Miler award requirements.

Opportunities abound for activity shots, as well as capturing Maine's scenic
wonders on film.

Cooking and Baking:
Cooking over fire is fast becoming a lost art. Stove use is also taught.

Star Gazing:
Nature has provided Maine High Adventure with a wonderful classroom for studying the
night sky.

Floatplane Travel:
For an additional charge, crews can use a plane to transport themselves and their
equipment to or from their put-in or pull-out. Another option is a sight-seeing circle flight.
Subject to availability

Where do these treks go?

Whether your interest is canoeing or photography or hiking or wildlife observation, high adventure in the north Maine woods is exciting and inspirational. The key to this successful program is flexibility....flexibility in what you do, as well as when and where you do it. Each crew's itinerary is tailor-made to suit the desires and capabilities of the crew while also considering other factors such as: the crew's length of stay; current environmental conditions such as water levels; and, current logistical situations such as campsite availability. For these reasons, we refrain from pre-planning trips ahead of time. Other factors that might impact the trip planning process are potential extra fees associated with some program areas. These costs could include campsite fees and extra transportation.

Program areas utilized by Maine High Adventure include: the Allagash Wilderness Waterway; the Appalachian Trail; Aroostook River; Baxter State Park; Chesuncook Lake; Grade Lake Matagamon Grand Lake Seboeis; Penobscot River (East and West branches); Seboeis River; and Webster Brook. Additional trip planning information is included in the Acknowledgement Packet mailed to the Advisor-of-Record after receipt of the reservation and deposit.”

Allagash Wilderness Waterway

East Branch of the Penobscot

Webster Brook

Mount Katahdin