2015 Camp Schedule





Boy Scout Resident Camp 2015


Project Blackcap- Project Blackcap is a full week program designed especially for new scouts. Work with our staff to gain valuable scout skills. Learn to cook outdoors, tie knots, earn your totin'/fireman chits, and even complete a merit badge. The week culminates with a day hike up Blackcap Mountain.

Blackcap Adventures- Our new full week program, designed for scouts 14+. You've been to camp, and your ready for some new adventures. Blackcap Adventures is designed to help prepare you for high adventure outings. The program will focus on how to prepare and plan for outings, as well as helping you develop the necessary skills. The week will culminate with a reservation overnight.

Merit Badges- Each year Camp Roosevelt offers a mixture of new merit badges, as well as some core favorites. Classes are in the morning, and range from 1-3 hours.

Afternoon Adventures- The afternoon is designed for you to be out and having fun in camp. Each program area offers a variety of events, and their are some unique merit badge opportunities. If there is an experience you would like to have at camp, let us know, and we'll make it happen for you.

Camp fees are $325 Early Bird or $365 for the first week, and $200 for additional weeks. Webelos II crossovers are $290 Early Bird or $330. Every five scouts registered earns a free leader, and additional leaders can come for $100/wk or $8 per meal

Week 1 July 5 - July 11

Week 2 July 12 - July 18

Week 3 July 19 - July 25

Specialty Weeks- Each week of camp will be running a concurrent specialty week. The fee for participation in a specialty week is $355 Early Bird or $395

  • Week 1 Venturing Week- The first week will be designed to target programs of particular interest to our Venturing Crews, and will be based on conversation with the crew members
  • Week 2 Lifeguarding Week- Come to camp and spend a week getting your BSA lifeguarding certification. Participants must be at least 15 years of age, and be able to swim at least 550 yards continuously.
  • Week 3 Eagle Week- Come to camp for a program special designed to work on Eagle required merit badges, and classes on how to design projects, raise money, and lead a team.


Free hat incentive - all Scouts with A $100 non refundable but transferable deposit by March 18, 2015 will receive a free Camp Roosevelt hat.

Early Bird Fee all payments made in full by April 24, 2015. Those Scouts requesting Camperships by this date will be considered Early Birds.


Final Camp fees are due two weeks prior to the units attendance at camp. There is a penalty of $35 for paying at camp.


Camp Roosevelt

2015 Cub Scout & Webelos Adventures

Theme:Voyages of the Cubibbean


Camp Roosevelt

2015 Family Camp Adventures

Voyages of the Cubibbean


Small & Tall Cub Adventures:  Small & Tall adventure is a 3 day, 2-night weekend program designed for Tiger, Wolf and Bear Scouts and their parent(s) or guardian(s) at Camp Roosevelt.  During their time at camp, Cub Scouts  will experience what Camp Roosevelt has to offer in a mini-version! Scouts will swim in Little Fitts, take aim at archery, shoot BB’s, build stuff and most importantly: HAVE FUN!!   You and your Scout will stay overnight in our luxurious Adirondacks, be entertained by staff and enjoy great meals in the beautiful log dining hall.  Parents - this is a great opportunity for you to spend quality time with your son and learn about the safe, quality programs Camp Roosevelt has to offer.  What could be more FUN?  Although this program was not designed for the Webelos age group, however, they may also attend.

Fee: $200 per team, Early Bird $175, at camp $225. Additional adults and siblings fee $50 per weekend or $8.00 per meal. July 31-August 2, 2015.


To better serve the families of the Katahdin Area Council, The Camp Roosevelt Advisory committee is proud to offer the following changes to our planned Cub Scout Webelos Resident Camp. We are combining the Cub Scout and Webelos program back into the same week. Participants will be entered into age appropriate program tracks. Packs may now attend one week with all of their Scouts. We are going to operate as a Family camp. This means non-Cub Scout family brothers and sisters may attend and participate in their age appropriate program equally with the registered Cub Scout/ Webelos. They will pay the same rate as the Cub Scouts and count towards the free leader discounts. Non-participating siblings (too young or too old) will remain at the $100 rate.


Family Resident Camp Family Camp is a 6 day, 5 night adventure for all Cub Scout/ Webelos age youth.  Resident camp is about getting outdoors with friends and family, doing new and exciting stuff that you don’t always get to do at home.  While at camp, youth participants will make new friends, gain skills, and experience adventure through archery, BB shooting, swimming, nature, sports and much more.   Cub Scouts that attend camp will build self-confidence, participate in new activities, and take away a life-time of memories. Youth at Wolf and Bear ages will participate in age appropriate activities. Webelos age youth participants will climb to new heights on the outdoor climbing wall, take aim at the Shooting Ranges, work on activity badges and develop a greater appreciation for the outdoors.  Webelos Resident Camp provides a natural bridge from Cub Scouting to the many activities in Boy Scouting. The 1st year Webelos program includes activities introducing Scouts to an outdoor camping experience while the 2nd Year Webelos Arrow of Light program is designed to help prepare older Webelos for their transition to Boy Scouts and Boy Scout Camping.  There is even a Provisional Scout option for this program.


Fee: $320, Early Bird $295, at camp $360! Leaders, adults and a non-participating siblings fee $100 per week or $8.00 per meal. Every five youth participants earn a free leader! August 2-7, 2015 and August 9-14, 2015


Early Bird Fee EXTENDED! All payments must be made in full by June 1, 2015. Campership Deadline Extended! Those Scouts requesting Camperships by this date will be considered Early Birds.

Family Day Camp Some Cub Scouts are ready for resident camp and some are not. To better serve these youth, we will be operating a family day camp at Camp Roosevelt in conjunction with the second week of Resident Family Camp. It is open to registered Cub Scout/Webelos and their brothers and sisters of Cub/Webelos age. They will check in and gather at the dining hall at 8:30a.m. and join in the same age appropriate program offerings as the resident youth participants. Lunch in the dining hall will be provided. Each Pack is asked to send a free volunteer leader to accompany each age group. Youth participants will be picked-up at the dining hall at 5:00 p.m. Those folks who would like to try it day by day, can do so for $40.00 per day.

Fee: $220, Early Bird $200 at camp $260. Leaders free. Note: The IRS considers day camp fees as deductible child care.

Final Camp fees are due two weeks prior to the unit’s attendance at camp.



Contact Camp Director Dana Hunter at Dana.Hunter@Scouting.org or 207-866-2241