2015 Summer Camp Forms

Unit Roster Sign Up Sheet

Daily Schedule


Campership 2015 Form

Campsite Reservation Form

Health Form-Required for everyone staying over night (adults/youth). *YOU ARE ONLY REQUIRED TO FILL OUT SECTIONS A,B,C.* 

Merit Badge List

Merit Badge Guide

BS Leaders Guide

Cub Scout Leaders Guide

Camp Staff Application

CIT Application

Boy Scout Outpost Meals *READ BELOW*

NOTICE - All Outpost meals must be submitted at least 1 week in advance prior to your arrival in camp. Please mail all outpost orders to the following address: C/O Food Services 45 Camp Roosevelt Road Eddington, ME 04428. All fees must be paid upon check-in when you arrive. Make sure all check made out to Katahdin Area Council (KAC). Thank you.