2015 Summer Camp Fees

Camp fees are $325 Early Bird or $365 for the first week, and $200 for additional weeks.

Webelos II crossovers are $290 Early Bird or $330.

Every five scouts registered earns a free leader, and additional leaders can come for $100/wk or $8 per meal.

Week 1 July 5 - July 11

Week 2 July 12 - July 18

 Week 3 July 19 - July 25

Specialty Weeks- Each week of camp will be running a concurrent specialty week. The fee for participation in a specialty week is $355 Early Bird or $395.

Week 1 Venturing Week- The first week will be designed to target programs of particular interest to our Venturing Crews, and will be based on conversation with the crew members.

Week 2 Lifeguarding Week- Come to camp and spend a week getting your BSA lifeguarding certification. Participants must be at least 15 years of age, and be able to swim at least 550 yards continuously.

Week 3 Eagle Week- Come to camp for a program special designed to work on Eagle required merit badges, and classes on how to design projects, raise money, and lead a team.

Free hat incentive - all Scouts with A $100 non refundable but transferable deposit by March 18, 2015 will receive a free Camp Roosevelt hat.

Early Bird Fee all payments made in full by April 24, 2015. Those Scouts requesting Camperships by this date will be considered Early Birds.

 Final Camp fees are due two weeks prior to the units attendance at camp. There is a penalty of $35 for paying at camp.