Refund Policy


Billing, Refunds & Cancellation Policy


Your bill must be paid in full upon your arrival of camp. If you have not paid your $75 camp reservation fee upon your arrival, it will be added to the total balance of your bill. You can request that we deduct it out of your unit account but we will only do so for those who have authorization to use the unit account.


If you are bringing extra adults/guests for the day or you have adults coming for multiple days/stays during the week, their meals must be paid for on check-in day. The cost per meal is $7.00. If the cost of their meals has not been paid for upon their departure, your unit will receive a bill for the outstanding costs.


The $75 Campsite Reservation deposit is not refundable.


A $75 deposit per Scout is Non Refundable.


No refunds will be issued for Scouts who stay for a partial week - regardless of circumstance.


Camp fees are transferable to another Scout in your unit. This does apply to scouts who are enrolled in a specialty camp or provisional camping program. The fees being transferred must be of equal value to the program that you are exchanging.


Camperships are non transferable or refundable.


If you wish to apply a $75 payment towards your 2015 campsite fee, we can automatically  deduct that from your refund via written request from the individual(s) who are authorized to use the unit account.


Refunds that fall into the amounts of $200 or less are automatically put back into the unit account.


All refunds will be determined at Check-in and issued on or before September 30, 2014.  Refund requests will not be issued for any reason after September 30th, 2014. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Thank you.